Is Vegas Trapping You?

Posted: February 5, 2010 in basketball, Blogroll, football, sports
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Help!! Vegas is Trapping Me!!

I am handicapping the Card this past Tuesday and while doing so, I notice on some forums that people are talking about a couple of games going that nite, Rhode Island at Lasalle, and Kansas State at Nebraska. In both instances guys are saying that the lines of Rhode Island -4 and Kansas -3 at “Vegas Traps.” The conversation makes me sick to my stomach as I know there is nothing of the such. Vegas DOES NOT try to Trap anyone and those that continue to believe so are missing the boat. There is a scout line that comes out early at a couple books in Sin City and Big Bettors are always there to capitilize on a good number. It is a time for the various outs to find out where the betting line is going and what is going to happen with the market if they move the number. In both cases when they moved this line further toward the favorites, Big Money stepped in to bring it back down. By the time you got a chance to bet the contests the market has already set the number and the books know what will happen if they move it. While Books are willing to take a position on a game, they ARE NOT willing to be Killed at any time. By the way, both favorites covered easily so The Trap People missed a good opportunity if they were scared off the Mythical Trap Theory.

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