Saturday Report Card/Super Bowl Props

Posted: February 6, 2010 in sports

I am not going to use this blog to promote my Handicapping Service. I do that enough through my website at and through Twitter. This site is simply my way of giving back to the Betting Community with advice on how to be a Better Bettor, some fun stuff, and Free Picks. However, I am going to have a Weekly Report Card on how things are going and they are going well. Coming off a 3-0 Personal Play Friday with the Best Bet Winning. Best Bets are now 94-60 or about 62%. The Diamond Club is even better at 102-49 or about 68%. It is on a 6-1 and 14-4 Win Streak as well. Hopefully good results will continue.

The Super Bowl is tomorrow and boy am I excited. Every Year I give my clients anywhere from 8 to 12 Proposition Bets and this year will be no different. I am going to be putting a few of those right here so stay tuned. Time to go handicap today’s Really Large Card.


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