Are You Sharp or are You Square?

Posted: February 15, 2010 in basketball, Blogroll, football, sports
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On Sunday I got a really good question by email on the difference between a Sharp Book and a Square Book. I thought the information was worthy to be here so I am posting my response below.

A Sharp Book is one that is best described as one that takes Sharp Money,
or Large Bets. The Greek for instance brags about the fact that they will
take a Million Dollar Wager. Sharp books don’t cut you off if you are
winning because of the large number of players they have, you are still
helping even out their books. Sharp Books have sharper lines which usually
means that they tend to favor Underdogs and UNDERS. Watching line moves at
the Sharp Books can usually tell you where the Big Money is going.

A Square Book has limits as to what you can bet, with most having limits
of $5000 or less on Side Bets and less than that on Total Bets. Square
Books regularly single out some bettors and decrease their wager limits if
they are winning over an extended period of time. In some cases they even
terminate accounts.  But there are a ton of these books and one can always
find one or two more if cutoff by any of them. Square Books have Square
lines, meaning that they favor the Favorites and OVERS. Watching line
moves at Square Books can usually tell you where the Square Money is

The Bottom Line is this: In many if not most cases, there is going to be a
1/2 to 1 point difference in the Posted Betting Line at a Sharp Book
verses a Square Book and having that advantage is Huge, depending on
whether you are playing the Favorite/Dog, Over/Under. A case in Point was
last night’s Best Bet with the Playing being Georgetown/Rutgers UNDER
139.5. I actually got 140 at one of the Square Books but I could have
gotten as low as 139 at one of the Sharp Books. If I had decided to play
the OVER, I would have done so there. The Game Ended on 139 and at certain
points of the day would have been a push at most Sharp Book. Instead we
had a winner. It is almost Uncanny how many times games end right at or
near the Number and having more betting outs at differently described
books is going to better your bottom line. For a list of Sharp/Square Books feel free to email me.


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