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Have you ever Wondered why most “Professional” Handicappers can wade through 50 to 70, and even more games on the Saturday and Sunday Card without Picking 1 Single Total, and then ask you to Bet one on Monday Nite? This phenomenon happens way too often and there are a lot of reasons why. The Primary one is the fact that Most Handicappers treat Totals as Evil and stay away from them unless they HAVE TO PICK ONE. That would of course be on a High Profile Monday Nite game, (The Sharpest Totals Anywhere) when they have decided they don’t like either side. But wait!! They have to have something to sell right? Why would you bet that game from one of these guys?

This is probably one of the biggests misconceptions in this business that I love so much. Just because one has a website and “picks games” does not mean that one makes his living betting sports. Not Capitalizing on THE SOFTEST LINES in all sports, Totals, is a clue that your handicapper has a day job and that job is not betting for a living. The fact is, Real Professional Gamblers probably place 45% to 50% on these types of Bets overall in what they bet because they know that Vegas cannot effectively put out good numbers. Whether you use a “Paid” handicapper or not, you can too Pad your Bankroll with these types of wagers.

You don’t have to wonder why Most Sportsbooks put their College Football Totals up for betting late in the week, usually Wednesday or Thursday. You don’t have to wonder why Most Sportsbooks put their CBB Totals up late in the day and often omit putting many games on the card at all. You don’t have to wonder why Most Sportsbooks have Lower Limits on these wagers as well. It is because they know that they are at a Huge Disadvantage with these Numbers and they really don’t even like to take the action. However, they do, because they know that if they don’t, somebody else will.

If you want to get the Upper Hand on the Guy you hate the most, you need to start looking at betting totals. Probably 45% of all of my Client Released Plays are Totals, and probably 55% of all of My personal wagers are too. In fact, I handicap totals first when looking at the weekly/daily card, because doing so gives me a better perspective on the side as well. Often while looking at what how many points/runs/goals might be scored, I discover who is going to score more of them. And I discover that without prejudice. That makes me an Overall Better Handicapper.

This right here is a Book and we will talk about this fully in another segment at a later date. The Bottom Line is this. Totals that Books release are based on one thing and one thing only. Perception. In that respect, it is much like handicapping who is going to win a game. The fact is, if Nebraska scores 52 points on a Thursday Nite, you can best believe that next week, their Posted total is going to be High. It most likely is going to be TOO HIGH. Comparing matchups is key here as well in both CBB and CFB, which are the softest lines anywhere. Just simply looking at past scoring is NOT Recommended. You must determine who they scored upon, what type of defense, what type of team. You must set your own number prior to books releasing their’s and you must trust your numbers. There is way more to this type of wagering but I will stop for now.

A few Handicappers in this business understand the value of betting these soft numbers and the one’s that concentrate their time on doing so are most affective. Ed Golden at Right Angle Sports is one of them. This guys is a Master of Totals and always has been. I think I am pretty damn good as well but I am not because I am a great handicapper or anywhere close. I am because I am a student of Totals and I already have a HUGE Advantage over the Bad Guys because they CRINGE as they release their Totals Lines. Would you like to make them Cringe? You can if you put in the effort to do so. While Most “Professional” Handicappers continue to play the Glamorous Side Wagers, this Professional Gambler will continue to bet these soft numbers.


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