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Super Bowl Props are not only fun to bet, they can be very profitable. The Fact is, I can’t remember ever not winning these types of bets every year during the Playoffs and Super Bowl. All 3 Weeks of the Playoffs were winners and I fully expect to come out ahead today as well.

Please note that the first one below I am betting as a real play at 1% Bankroll. The remainder are for .25% Bankroll. All of the below are being bet based on the way the game will play out, or simply because the Odds are better than what I think they should be.

Many below are based on the fact that I think that Green Bay will get the ball first this evening. I do think that Pitt will defer if they win the toss, and GB will Grab the ball is they win the coin flip. In fact that one is below itself and might be the very best one available.

Packers/Steelers UNDER 23 First Half

Green Bay Packers -½ +128 for 1st Quarter
B Roethlisberger throws a 3rd Qtr TD +230
James Starks Over 52.5 Yards Rushing
Steelers to convert a 4th down play +160
Packers to convert a 4th down play +175
Steelers to Kickoff First -120 for Game
Green Bay Packers -½ +128 for 1st Quarter  
Aaron Rodgers rushing yards under 20½ +100
Ben Roethlisberger pass completions under 19½ -120
Aaron Rodgers most pass attempts -2½ -130
Brandon Jackson rush attempts over 3 +140
Donald Driver most receiving yards -2½ vs Hines Ward -110
Greg Jennings most receiving yards -17½ vs Mike Wallace -115
Rodgers 1st Half completions -1½ vs Ben -135
Rodgers 1st Qtr pass completions -1 vs Ben -135
Polamalu solo+assisted tackles over 5 -120
Tim Masthay shortest punt under 35½ -115
Packers to get first 1st down of game -115
Steelers get first 1st down of 2nd half -115 for Game

One of the more interesting one’s is the Fourth Down Conversions for both the Steelers and the Packers. Both have nice odds and all we need to do is win one of them to come out ontop. There is at least a decent chance that we could win both and that would be a Bonanza.

Having Bet the Packers to win the Super Bowl weeks ago at 9.5-1, I am in a great situation to make some money today with my personal betting. I have already played the Steelers +3 for 1/2 the amount that I will win if GB comes out a winners. And of course, there is a good chance I could win both. This year’s Super Bowl features what I think is a very tight line and so I have no real opinion on the outcome. I will enjoy the game very much though and I hope that your day is enjoyable too


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