Who is AAA Sports?

World Famous Beale Street

Born in a small town in the Mississippi Delta, I had a great childhood and learned to appreciate the small things in life, like homemade Hot Tamales, Cotton Fields in the Autumn, and some of the best music in the world, Mississippi Blues. During my developing years, I took a great interest in the game of golf and was good enough to play competively at a small university. It was during that time that I discovered that I had a talent to get into the minds of college and professional athletes and know when they were ready to perform, and most importantly, when they were not. Soon after my College Days, I began thinking about how I could not only make a living investing in sporting opportunities, but help others do the same. Hence, in 1990 AAA Sports was formed. Life changed dramatically with the beginning of the World Wide Web and although I fought it, I finally put up a website at www.gowebnet.com not really knowing why I chose that, except that it represented three small words that meant “Let’s Go Surfing.” Many have asked why I have not changed my location to the World and the answer is simple, I just don’t want to. I now reside in Memphis, just a block from the Famous Peabody Hotel, and just a few blocks from the Party Place of the South, Beale Street. But this Business is not a party and I rarely go there, except to hear some really good music and eat some  really good Memphis Barbecue. Life is as good as it gets right now and you can join me on this ride by coming here often, and perhaps even winning money by following me on my site.