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Saints/Ravens Over 43.5: No thoughts on this play but a clear indication that we have a betting line that is too low. My NFL Model shows that a True Line should be 46.9 here and good enough to make a 1% Play as it does go thru some Key NFL Numbers.

11/20/2010-Louisville +4.5: The word that I am getting from Louisville Ky is that QB Froman will be back Saturday and that is a Big Bonus here, but not the reason to play the home team. The Fact is West Va is one of the worst covering teams in all of Football under their most recent coach and they have certainly struggled this year when they have traveled covering only at LSU and just barely there. This team has serious scoring problems in the RedZone but they do have a very good D. This Total is low for a reason and as low as it is, it says a lot about the Mountaineers ability to score points. The Cardinals have a very solid rushing attack and this guy Powell is simply a BEAST. This line is down from the opening and all for good reason as Sharp Money is pouring on the Home Boys. I will add to the pouring here for a very possible outright.

11/7/2010 Philadelphia Eagles -3: This is a great for spot for the Eagles as they come off the Bye Week and that is always a Big Advantage for NFL Teams, especially when they come back to play at home. We know that Indy is most likely the better team, but they have a long list of injuries for this contest, mostly related to defense and many players on both sides of the ball are banged up but will give it a go. This betting line does not even look right with Philly spotting the Colts but I assure you that we have this number for a reason. Indy has just soso road stats this year, and the Eagles need this game badly at 4-3. You can best bet that they have been preparing well and they should give us a solid effort today. The visitors will play their 8th straight week and off an emotional win last week verses Houston, a great letdown spot here.

10/30/2010–Arizona/UCLA Under 49.5: This is a No Brainer Play and even though this is not a Client Play, the percentage that this one goes UNDER the posted total is good. This line has moved down from an open of 50 and quite frankly that surprises me. We have a Wildcat team that is very stingy with points allowed, with just over 13 per game playing a UCLA Squad that is clearly Score-Challenged. Not only that but the the way the Bruins have moved the ball this year is on the ground. BAD NEWS. The Cats don’t let anyone run on them and we can expect UCLA to have to go to Plan #2. But wait, they don’t have one of those. AZ is going to have to get most of these points and they just are not interested with much bigger fish to fry next week. My Model has 43.4 for this game and Good Enough to give it a rumble.

10/23/2010–Iowa -5.5: Everyone that knows me well, knows that I tend to stay away from such High Profile games as this one. And this one is a diller. The keys here though lend itself to a great situation for the Hawkeyes with the Badgers coming off their Monster Win over Ohio State and one of their biggest in recent history. One can argue that getting back up for Iowa should be no problem, but these College Age Children just simply do not have the ability often to do that. Just one loss for Iowa this year and we had that game for a Winner. Here at home they have been deadly good on D and D wins big games. Iowa matches up very good with Wisconsin’s run offense and if you can’t run the ball, you most likely cannot win. While this line is a fair one, I am laying the points here due to the situation and the matchup advantage.

10/16/2010–Army +7: The Cadets just don’t get any respect from Oddsmakers or Bettors alike but I have backed them already twice this year and I will do so again here. This is NOT a Home game for Rutgers as it is being played at the New Giants Stadium and both schools will be well represented in the stands. Rutgers is coming off a Big Win vs Uconn and perhaps still celebrating today. They had better not too much because Army is going to Bring their A Game and this team is hard to stop. While the Scarlet Knights lost to Tulane, Army Thrashed them last we and Clients had that play. This is Not a Premium Play to subscribers but it is worthy of a play.

10/9/2010-North Carolina State -9.5: Not much time to tell you why this is a solid opportunity as I have a very busy Saturday Morning, but the fact is, NC State has an offense that can score points and BC does not. The Eagles managed just 13 First Downs last week verses ND, they are off 2 very tough games, and are just not up to snuff this year. Our Team had some TO Problems last week and that was the only reason why they did not win. I suspect that practices this week have been very focused and while this is a relatively large number to cover, I do think that the Wolfpack will do so with relative ease.

NCAAB: Florida International Panthers at Pittsburgh Panthers – Over 48.5 -110
Game Date: 10/2/2010
Note: We missed the boat here on a key number of 48 but this game is still very playable at the current number and I would not wait to get it. the Panthers have been a bit iffy stopping the pass and following last week’s debacle Pitt is going to try to exploit that on Saturday. I do think that they will but at the same time, the visitors from Florida will grab some points here. They do have some injury problems on offense but a report that I just got looks good for some of those players seeing action. My CFB Model does not take into account these issues but this posted line does and it is as low as it is due to suspected players not seeing action. We are most likely going to see 49 and Over here soon. My Model shows 53.7 Points and OVER happening at just over 57.6% of the time. That is good enough for me and is longterm profit for sure.

NCAAF: Miami Hurricanes at Pittsburgh Panthers – Under 50 -110
Game Date: 9/23/2010
Note: There is a Old Saying that “Defense Wins Games” and D is always very evident in Big Games. Is this a Big game? Well it certainly is for both of these programs and hard to say which is in the needing to win situation. Both teams come in a 1-1 and going 1-2 to open the season is not what either would want to happen. That makes this a PASS for me on the side but the Total looks interesting indeed. There are plenty of reasons as to why we will not see this number met. Pitt has a D Rep and that Rep has given them a Nice Trending number of 10-4 UNDER when they play at this field. In addition, proving the Held Theory by a lot of sharp bettors the Canes are 10-4 UNDER the last 14 times they have played on Thursday Nite. Usually Thursday’s games are Big One’s when it involves a Team such as Miami so perhaps these trends, which do not offer a clear sample, might at least be a looksy. The fact is though, Miami is stronger on D than lost would give them credit for following their 35 point Ohio State scoring barrage but that is OSU and this is Pitt. There is a difference you know. This team is quick on the edges and they are quick to the QB when they want to be. I don’t see the Panthers having any major offensive success tonight and I do think that they know that. They will have to keep the ball ut of the hands on their opposition and they will use ball control to accomplish that. That means a relatively short clock. This number is Over what might be considered the most important key number of 49 and I do think that the posted number will be hard to come by. Certainly early bettors think the same as it is down from an open of 54 at the scout books and 51 at Cris.

  1. brians says:

    hahahhaha good stuff Keep it comeing

  2. brians says:

    Thanks for your help

  3. gary says:

    i tried emailing yesterday cause there was a spot open on the diamond/best bet club and was told to email to get a price but never heard from anyone is it still open and what price were you offering.

  4. bayocean says:

    Lot’s of GOOD LUCK with your site and a nice high % of wins. Always looked for your thread on other site-will give you guys a shot after one of my other services is over.

  5. bayocean says:

    Just another thought–are you going to look into GOLF selections and or Soccer? They both have a lot of interest to players.

  6. BayOcean, if I thought I could handicap those sports I would, but just going to stick with what I know best.

  7. Hedvig says:

    Nice call on the Miami/Pitt game!

  8. brians says:

    agree fully with Pitt over weather should be a no factor also

  9. Hedvig says:

    Good writeups!
    Thanks for the freebies!

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